How much do you know about water? Take the survey below to find out!
Did you know that there are three grades of water?
Have you ever personally done any type of research on your own tap water before?
Once a year your water company mails you a Water Report; have you ever opened it and read the fine print?
Do you know for sure whether or not your tap water is fluoridated?
Are you for, against or undecided about fluoridated water supplies?
Would you be open to new reliable and credible research from top universities like Harvard, if it showed that raw tap water is harmful to ingest, especially for children?
Have you ever heard of a chemical found in processed tap water called trihalomethane?
Are you aware of the harmful effects of bacteria, heavy metals, chlorine, and hardness in the water?
If valid research showed that other substances in YOUR tap water may increase the rates of heart disease, cancer, brain disorders, birth defects, or miscarriages, how important would that be for you to know about on a scale from 1-10, with 10 being the most important?
Would you be interested in an affordable water treatment system that can remove ALL of these hazards?
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