Beneficial Water Treatment

When you choose Aqua-Right you know that you’ll receive top-of-the-line water treatment products and services for your home. We have over 30 years of experience in the industry. Our team will test your water for a free water analysis to help determine the best products that you need for your home. We want you to have the best water solution possible.
Old man drinking his water bottle — Water in Hampton, VA

Why You Should Choose WaterMax

Cleaner Dishes
Are you tired of soap scum and water stains? Our water systems will leave your dishes sparkling and bright.
Cleaner Laundry & Clothes
Get rid of hard water that can leave your clothes feeling stiff. Our state of the art water system gets rid of harmful bacteria in the water that can cause a lasting odor on your laundry. Say hello to cleaner and brighter laundry.
Softer Skin & Hair
Hard water can leave a lasting effect on your hair and skin. It can cause it to feel dry and it can even cause irritation. Protect your skin with one of our water filtration products
Cleaner Pipes & Plumbing Fixtures
Hard water can cause mineral and scale buildup in your pipes. This can affect your showers and faucet heads and become costly in the future. Maximize the use of your pipes with our water systems.