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Utility Grade Water
Did you know that 98% of water is used for something other than consumption?
Water standards are based on utility grade water that is used for washing your car, putting out fires and manufacturing.
Working Grade Water
Did you know that most daily activities that involve water is from the “working grade?” What does this mean?
Working grade water is safe enough to use for daily activities such as washing your clothes and bathing.
Is the water you’re drinking really safe for your family?
Life support water is the highest grade of water that should be used for consumption.
Smoking Power Plant — Pure Clean Water in Hampton, VA

Utility Grade Water

  • Watering Plants
  • Watering Lawns
  • Pollution

Working Grade Water

  • Bathing
  • Washing Clothes
  • Appliances
Girl Drinking Water in The Kitchen — Pure Clean Water in Hampton, VA

Life Support Water

  • Drinking
  • Cooking

Commercial & Residential Water Treatment in Hampton, VA


How Clean Is Your Water?

Did you know that there are three types of water that you should be aware of: utility grade, working grade, and drinking water? Most people do not realize this. What does this mean for homeowners? You need to be aware of these differences to determine the best water products and treatments for your filtration needs. Aqua-Right provides free water tests to check the quality of the water that you are drinking and using.
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Baby Bath Time

The water that is safe for you may be different from what the government classifies as safe. Municipalities have minimum standards on water safety. That means that the water you are bathing in, drinking and using around your home may not be the safest or cleanest. This water can still contain toxins that can affect your family. Aqua-Right water filtration systems will ensure that you are receiving safe and clean drinking water for your home.
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